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  • Posted by Tara
  • November 16, 2015
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My name is Tara Dunsmore, I am a 3 year Breast Cancer Survivor, Nurse, Mother of 3 beautiful children and a Certified Areola tattoo artist.
At the age of 39, I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. No family history, I exercised regularly, didn't eat horrible, not over weight and tested negative for the BRCA1 gene.


I had a lumpectomy, which was not my choice but rather my breast surgeons decision. I was so upset, I just wanted those tainted, poisoned breast off of my body. I didn't care what anyone thought, I just wanted to live and be as aggressive with my treatment as I could so that I would hopefully never have to hear those horrible words again. I wanted to watch my children grow and live life without worrying about cancer coming back, well to minimize the fear. This was my personal choice and no one should make that decision but me. I felt conflicted and pressured to do the lumpectomy. On this same day I received a phone call that my father was in intensive care and dying. I rushed to Ohio and thankfully was able to spend his last 48 hours with him, He passed away on his 62 birthday the day I was to have my bilateral mastectomy. I came home and had the lumpectomy on March 29, 2012 that showed high grade 9/9 estrogen positive and invasive. Finally my surgeon was supporting my decision and I had a bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction which included tissue expanders on May 29, 2012. Nine days later I was attending my middle child's high school graduation with tubes hanging from my chest and sun poison from the antibiotics, but it was one of the happiest moments of my life to be there and alive watching her cross that stage.
Many appointments and "fill ups" later, I had my exchange surgery in December of 2012, 5 days before Christmas. Next came the nipple reconstruction and fat grafting in March of 2013. During my many appointments with my plastic surgeon, I inquired about consulting with an areola tattoo specialist, but my plastic surgeon had no one to refer me to. I had searched locally for that "expert" and was unable to find a specialist. I ended up having my areola tattoo's performed by a nurse in the plastic surgeon's office. This process consisted of picking a circle size and choosing a color between bubble gum pink, chocolate brown or nude. Feeling that these options were unacceptable for me as well as other survivors, I told my plastic surgeon I was going to train with the best in the country and come back to offer expert areola, 3D tattooing to all survivors. I vowed to give them exactly what they desire; whatever color or size they request, I would always provide a realistic appearance. I trained intensely with the best and knew that this was my calling. I knew I could take my medical knowledge, breast cancer experience and intense tattoo training, and use it to come back and help other survivors complete their journey's, helping them feel whole again. During the month of April in the year 2014, I founded Pink Ink Tattoo LLC. I am involved with many charity's and an advocate for early detection.
I feel blessed to be able to be a part of helping other survivors regain self esteem and bring their self confidence back. Breast cancer may have come into my life and took away my natural breast but it didn't take away my femininity, passion or strength as a woman.

Tara Dunsmore Owner & Artist of
Pink Ink Tattoo LLC
Certified Aerola Tattoo Artist
Licensed Practical Nurse
Breast Cancer Survivor
twitter/ @pinkinktattoo1
facebook/ Pink Ink Tattoo
LinkedIN/ Tara Dunsmore

Comments (4)


  • November 16, 2015 Kristen

    A beautifully written and touching story. You are an inspiration to all women Tara,

  • November 16, 2015 Anita Houde

    Tara Dunsmore is more of a giving person that she let anybody know 16 years ago in December her older sister was diagnosed with complte kidney failure she was in critical care at in Tucson Arizona I her mother called tara to tell her what was going on tara who did not drive more than an hour away from home with her three kids got in her car drove for two straight days with three little kids to come out to see what she could do to help her sister when she pulled into the driveway in Arizona I ran out to the car she could barely pull her fingers off of the steering wheel she instantly wanted to go the two and a half hours to Tucson to see your sister she stayed here for a couple weeks and had to get back to her nursing class but then 6 months after michelle has lost her kidneys tara stop her schooling came out to Tucson with her three children and gave a kidney to her sister that was her first time that she has done something so good for somebody else and now she continues to do it well last year same thing again michelle kidney stopped working and with 15 years of having tara kidney in there it lasted a lot longer than anybody ever thought but tara a fighter determined she's not going to let anything get her down and that's how she and her kidney did for michelle so now we're dealing with the issue of looking for another kidney and tara would be right there again if she could I'm so very very proud of her I always have been but she continues doing things that for me is unbelievably heroic she's my Shero and we all love you very much oh by the way I was her first person she tattooed on just for an example just to see how to do it to make sure everything will go good and that she had to stay about to go through it to do it to her mother I don't I wouldn't never done it for anybody else but she she's my girl she's my baby she's like they used to call her when she was little dinky now she's my tattoo princess I love you very much tara

  • November 18, 2015 Judy

    Love your drive for your vision! THANK YOU!!!

  • November 19, 2015 Nancy

    Hi Tara,
    What an amazing story. You are amazing. Thank you for sharing. And I am very sorry about your father.


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